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Firefighters in Florida were called out to a parking lot when a family heard meowing coming from the engine compartment of their vehicle and discovered two kittens were hiding inside.

The Cape Coral Fire Department said in a Facebook post the family heard meowing coming from under the hood of their vehicle so they pulled over at the Lowe’s in Pine Island and investigated.

The family was able to get one kitten out from the engine compartment, but called the fire department for help when they were unable to reach the second feline.

The Engine 5 crew was able to safely extract the other kitten.

“The family was unable to adopt the kittens since they had already rescued two from another Lowe’s last year,” the fire department said.

The kittens were taken to Lee County Domestic Animal Services.

“They will be put up for adoption if anyone is interested in having two kittens who love adventure, joyriding, and firefighters join their family,” the post said.