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Microsoft is reported to launch the next generation Windows, Windows 11 later this year with a new design that will come with a new taskbar, Start menu, and several other changes in the UI. We had recently got a fair idea on the changes that will come with Windows 11 when a leaked build surfaced online. However, one thing that was noticed in the leaked build was that Skype was not there as a pre-installed app. Further, Windows 11 has also dropped support for “Meet Now,” a taskbar tool that lets users create and attend Skype video calls directly from the desktop.

According to a report in Windows Latest that cites references found in the leaked build of Windows 11, Microsoft is working on a new feature that will eventually replace Skype’s Meet Now button with Microsoft Teams on the taskbar, allowing users to access their Teams conversations and online meetings more easily. The new feature will be called “Meet and Chat” and it would mimic a panel similar to Windows Search or dashboard to make it easier for users to make video calls using Teams. It is still unclear how Teams integration will work in Windows 11, but it is possible that the “Meet and Chat” screen will show a list of all upcoming scheduled calls or options to chat in the native Teams client.

Given the removal of Meet Now with Meet and Chat, it seems that Microsoft’s first video conferencing software is set to see the end of the line sooner or later. Skype has already seen its market being engulfed by other video conferencing software’s like Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft’s own Teams over the past year and a half, since the COVID-19 pandemic moved people indoors and video conferences and virtual meetings became a thing.